My family and I just started down the path of the Whiteface Mountain trail when suddenly we saw this enormous boulder. On the back of it, we found a place to climb up and it felt like we were inside the trees rather than beneath them- breathing the fresh oxygen from their dancing leaves. Continuing our upward journey, we enjoyed the company of chipmunks and toads. My youngest son, Caleb, started a super-hero themed game with us on the way- step on a rock, and you get a power up boost! Of course, this kept us climbing quite well for a long way. It was a hot day, but we brought snacks and water and took lots of breaks on the way up. The breeze at the top was well worth it!

This little-known pathway up Whiteface Mountain was recently mapped by MMRG Board Member, Peter Goodwin. It boasts a majestic view of the Whites. It feels magical when you step out of the shorter scrub pines onto the ledge and can behold its’ beauty- the wide open space forcing you to breathe deeply. This was an amazing family hike, check out Peter Goodwin’s map here. Just a short jaunt off route 16, it is easy to get to. Keep a close eye out for the little parking lot on the left- it’s easy to pass by. Take and share some pictures with us!

Location/Address: Browns Ridge Road on the left coming from Route 16. If you get to Youngs Rd, you’ve just passed it. There is a small parking lot with a memorial to Benjamin Baldwin.

Hike Distance/Approx Duration: About one mile to the top

Difficulty: Trail climbs about 600 feet

Features: Passes interesting boulders and has beautiful views of the White Mountains

Tips/Tricks: There’s a geocache to sign in on at the top!

This is a great place to try out our Woods, Water & Wildlife Explorers Club “Take a Hike” activity. You can find information about this and other fun activities all summer long- all with social distancing in mind. We will miss the Festival this year, but there’s plenty of fun to be had- we hope you’ll join us! There are prizes to win for the number of items checked off- and I for one can’t wait to see the pictures rolling in of how you’re making it work for you! Be sure to tag us in the photos on facebook @MooseMountainsRegionalGreenways!