Moose Mountains Regional Greenways is thrilled to announce the permanent protection of the new Schlenker Conservation Area, located in Wakefield, NH. 

The Schlenker Conservation Area was previously owned by the Garvin family, who were early settlers to the Wakefield area. Cheryl Schlenker purchased the property in 1977, at which time it was the last and only property on Oak Hill Road from the Witchtrot Road end. Today, the property has approximately 5 acres in open agricultural fields as well as a Garvin family cemetery that predates the Schlenkers. 

Oak Hill Road has been home since 1977.  It has always been my desire to conserve the property in its natural state; realizing it’s natural beauty, abundance of wildlife, good soil and close proximity and impact on lakes within the watershed.  Abutting tracts extends a wonderful wildlife corridor.  I sincerely want to thank all that contributed to this conservation effort,” Cheryl said.

The Schlenker Property boasts views of the Moose Mountains and the Ossipee Range from its open fields and is within close proximity to many other conserved parcels. Much of the property is bordered by wide stone walls, indicating that a high percentage of the land was tilled. Further, “prime” designated agricultural soils occupy nearly 30%  of the land, an unusually high percentage that increases the conservation value of the land significantly. Open fields are surrounded by mature pine forests, which provide excellent habitat for local wildlife.

Moose Mountains Regional Greenways holds the conservation easement on this property, which will remain privately owned by the Schlenker family. The costs of the easement were covered in part by the NH State Conservation Committee Moose Plate Program, and the Alden Young Fund, a fund established to support and increase conservation efforts within the town of Wakefield. Remaining funds for the project were provided through public fundraising efforts, a contribution from the conserving landowner, a matching gift by neighboring landowner Darayl Remick, and grant awards.

MMRG is looking forward to fulfilling its stewardship obligations on this property and thanks Cheryl for her dedication to conservation. MMRG prides itself on working with local landowners, often of smaller land tracts, to achieve conservation successes for the region.