We are excited to welcome Moose Mountains Regional Greenways’ (MMRG) newest staff member, Veronica Bodge, to the team as our new Land Agent! In this role, Veronica will lead the development of new land projects as well as direct the stewardship of all of our existing conservation easements and owned properties.   

Executive Director Jill Eldredge said, “MMRG is excited to take this important next step in growing our capacity by hiring Veronica. We are thrilled for her to join our team and know she will be a true asset. We feel that her enthusiasm and love of place will help her connect with landowners and community members, and assist us in building the long term relationships needed to achieve our mission.”

Growing up in Rochester, NH, Veronica has always had a passion for nature, especially the animals we share our world with. She has fond memories of turning over logs in her backyard woods to search for hidden salamanders, and spent summers building birdhouses with her grandfather so they could get a closer look. Initially, her dream was to become a veterinarian and she began a degree in Biomedical Science at the University of New Hampshire in 2016. Before long, however, she decided to switch majors to Wildlife and Conservation Biology after finding it aligned more closely with her passions. 

Veronica remembered when she first decided to focus on conservation, and said, “I fell in love with the idea of being able to protect not only endangered species but also this beautiful area we live in for future generations to enjoy.” 

Veronica graduated in 2020 with a BS in Wildlife and Conservation Biology and began work at a veterinary clinic she described as “like a second home during the pandemic”, gaining valuable management, training, and interpersonal skills. When she saw MMRG’s job listing for our Land Agent, she quickly researched the organization and discovered the perfect match. 

As our Land Agent, Veronica is most looking forward to furthering MMRG’s mission and Greenway Vision by building strong relationships with our landowners. She is also excited about the many educational events that MMRG hosts throughout the year, like the upcoming Branch River Paddle, that spread a love of nature throughout the region.

She said, “I am thrilled to now be a part of a larger organization whose work is helping to protect the southern New Hampshire area, where I personally grew up, for future generations to come.”

Her goal to engage with current – and future – landowners is to ensure that their wants and needs are met, strengthening the level of trust between MMRG and property owners. As a landowner herself, Veronica understands the deep love of place that many feel towards their properties, and to the Moose Mountains region.

“I want to learn the history of the land and how long it has been in their family. I want to know what they hope to gain by conserving their land and their goals for the property in the future. I want them to show me around the property. With the information they’ve shared, I hope to show them what their property has to offer from an environmental perspective and how MMRG can meet their goals for years to come,” she explained.

Besides her work, Veronica enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and also has taken up DIY house renovations as a hobby. Right now, Veronica and her fiance, Marissa, are busy working on their second “fixer upper” house. She’d like to spend more time hiking, and recently made a goal list of hikes to complete for the summer. In the spare time she has left, she loves to read. 

We know that Veronica will be instrumental in helping to build our capacity to take on new land projects while establishing new relationships with landowners in the region – please join us in giving her a warm welcome to Moose Mountains Regional Greenways!