Thurley Mountain Preserve

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Thurley Mountain Preserve

The Thurley Mountain Preserve is a 626-acre preserve protecting valuable wildlife habitat in the Ossipee region. The main trailhead (first one all the way to the right) leads uphill through forested upland habitat with remains of stone walls along the way. This trail splits into a loop trail that overlooks the Gulf Brook that flows through the property and creates beautiful wetland habitat. The loop trail meets back up with the main trail as it continues out to Thurley Road. The other trailhead/parking area leads uphill to the near summit of Thurley Mountain, where there are views of the Ossipee Mountains. 

The Dan Hole Pond Watershed Trust was founded in 2000 and merged with Moose Mountains Regional Greenways in 2021. Dan Hole Pond completed the "Thurley Forest Project" in 2013 by conserving an additional 220 acres abutting the 400 acres they previously acquired for conservation. This work permanently protects +600 acres in and around the Ossipee Mountains area. These lands support a vibrant forest habitat and a wide variety of wildlife. 

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Thurley Rd., Ossipee, NH