Thompson Family Conservation Easement

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stone wall at Thompson Family Conservation Easement

Thompson Family Conservation Easement

The Thompson Family Conservation Easement was the first property that MMRG protected, generously donated by Rodney and Judy Thompson. Rod and Judy carefully stewarded the land over many years, and the property has a deep family history. They sought out MMRG to permanently preserve their ancestral area, being mindful of the need to protect wildlife and water quality and of our obligation to save the landmarks of those who have gone before us.

Although the land is not open to public use, MMRG-sponsored field trips allow participants to enjoy the mature woods and miles of historic stone walls that are now preserved in perpetuity. The easement also provides for continued agriculture on these prime farm soils and protects the many headwater streams that begin on the property. In addition, the conserved land is a prominent and now protected part of the view from Little Blue Job Mountain, appreciated by numerous hikers.

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