Bowser Pond on the Moose Mountains Reservation;  photo by Kate Wilcox

Click here to open our new Conservation Action Plan: Our Home, Our Land, Our Tomorrow (approximately 30 Mb)

Please direct questions about MMRG’s Conservation Action Plan (CAP) to or call 603-473-2020 and your question will be referred to the appropriate person. (Note: This supercedes the contact information given in the CAP, since organizational leadership has since changed.)

Click on a map title below to open one of these high resolution maps, showing significantly more detail than the same map imbedded in the Plan document. (Be patient; map files are 30-40 Mb each and may open slowly!)

HINT: Use ‘crtl +’ and ‘ctrl -‘ to zoom in and out incrementally, then scroll to region of interest on the map.
OR, zoom immediately to max or min magnification by moving cursor to within map area (cursor will resemble a magnifyng glass), then left click.

Conservation Focus Areas

Strategic Campaign Areas

Resource Co-Occurrence Map

Greenways Concept Map

Recreational Trails