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Self-Guided Hike at Branch Hill Farm

Amy and her family visited the Branch Hill Farm “Seasons of Change” walk, which is part of the WWW Explorers Club. This is a self-guided walk for families with 18 different informational posts through the fields and forests of Branch Hill Farm. Please learn more about the walk […]

Self-Guided Hike at Branch Hill Farm2020-08-26T14:55:26-04:00

WWW Explorers Club- Tree ID at Casey Rd Conservation Area

The air was still and the clouds were spitting at us. Still, we were up for an adventure- umbrella, camera, action. Once we got into the woods, there was no rain and we got to enjoy the walk unhindered. The birds seemed to notice that we were enjoying their woods. […]

WWW Explorers Club- Tree ID at Casey Rd Conservation Area2020-07-23T15:00:24-04:00

Woods, Water & Wildlife Explorers Club- Backyard Treasure Hunt!

Today I had some time to spend with just my oldest child, a rarity for the last 6 years since his younger sibling came along. It’s always special when I can spend time alone with him, but now that he’s older, we can do so much more than when he […]

Woods, Water & Wildlife Explorers Club- Backyard Treasure Hunt!2020-07-14T16:19:45-04:00

The Gardners Explore Whiteface Mountain

My family and I just started down the path of the Whiteface Mountain trail when suddenly we saw this enormous boulder. On the back of it, we found a place to climb up and it felt like we were inside the trees rather than beneath them- breathing the fresh oxygen […]

The Gardners Explore Whiteface Mountain2020-07-07T20:54:20-04:00


My kids and I put up a tent and camped out. We had our warm sleeping bags, no bugs, and a slew of nighttime sounds to lull us to sleep. From the chirruping of the Spring Peepers, to the “Who Cooks for You” of the Barred Owl, we […]


Acrostic Poem

Signs of Spring

My second grader is learning about poetry this month in school, and had to so an acrostic poem of his name. This inspired me to do one of the signs of spring. My kindergartener helped me come up with this one. I […]

Acrostic Poem2021-02-02T01:42:34-05:00