American Chestnut Re-Introductions: Bringing Back a Keystone Species

Branch Hill Farm 307 Applebee Road, Milton Mills, NH, United States

Prior to 1930, American chestnut was a dominant tree in our eastern forests. This keystone species numbered in the billions, representing an estimated one-quarter of all hardwood trees east of the Mississippi. An invasive fungus, chestnut blight, appeared at the beginning of last century, and in a few short decades, [...]

Conservation 101 for Landowners (New Durham)

New Durham Public Library 2 Old Bay Road, New Durham, United States

Join our Land Agent, Veronica Bodge, at one of these three informative presentation, tailored towards landowners interested in the possibility of conserving their land. Veronica will talk about the basics of conservation and conservation easements. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask further questions.  Please register here for this event. [...]

Forest Management and the Climate with Forester Dan Stepanauskas

Branch Hill Farm and Moose Mountains Regional Greenways invite you to join us for a fall forestry walk with licensed Forester Dan Stepanauskas . Dan will explain how forest management/silvicultural decisions are made when one considers the climate, carbon storage in old forests, and the importance of matching tree species [...]

Ecological Landscaping for the Home Gardener

Branch Hill Farm 307 Applebee Road, Milton Mills, NH, United States

Branch Hill Farm and Moose Mountains Regional Greenways are excited to announce a new upcoming workshop addressing the philosophy and practice of landscaping your home for both beauty and ecological function. Georgia Elgar of Branch Hill Farm in Milton Mills, NH will be explaining the importance and methods of ecologically-minded home [...]

2023 MMRG Annual Meeting

Kingswood Golf Club 24 Kingswood Road, Wolfeboro, NH, United States

Sunday, November 12, 2023 from 4:00 -7:00 pm Bistro 19 at Kingswood Golf Club, Wolfeboro Please RSVP by October 31st in order to meet our catering deadline. Join this annual gathering centered around our shared mission of land and resource conservation. Enjoy fellowship with other community members who treasure our region [...]